Saturday, September 18, 2010

Where in the World is Gun? Lyon, France...Skillz goes to Europe...the landing

So much for what happens here...stays here. I hope everyone in my home of BK weathered the storm reasonably well, its all sunshine here....and I'm talking about the vibe. Lyon is a beautiful sprawling city in the south of France, with the Rhone cutting right through it. We have been with the main homie, Zajazza on the first drop of the Skillz to take Brazil European Tour.

We hit the ground running with a radio appearance at Radio Canut 102.2FM, Lyon. Peace to Air Capital and crew who heard of the sold out joint, and wanted to have us on. Needless to say, good tidings have been the marker of this trip....

While it rained outside walking across Lyon to the spot there was an anxious energy. After my third trip to the continent, the anticipation is still high, and I can't wait to get in and start. Air Capital was the kick off and we got a chance to do a little promo and showcase the Skillz...

I'll be in Paris on operation chill, for a couple days before our next show in Marsaille. Footage from Lyon show, and our appearance at Urban Latin soon...O.N.E.

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