Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Get up Stand up Tour-Kemp Re Cap and a Public Service Announcement

As promised some quick thoughts on the weekend that was.....

And then Italy has a message for the rest of the world!!!!!!

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Get up Stand up Tour-Hip Hop Kemp

Excuse the tardiness yall, Ive been under the weather and its been non stop movement between our show (Footage coming I promise....), Radio appearances and rehearsal for our big shows. Here is a little taste though of what has been going on. Today is a double dip day, so Ill have my recap right after this, but here is some J Live Footage with me as hype man, and a little insight from the 3P and DJ Sarah after day 2. For my FACEBOOK peoples, Straight Organics Blog

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Get Up Stand Up Tour Stop: Leipzeg (The Taxi, The Rider)

So its been a crazy four days, I will break down more of it in blogs once I reach Prague. It is almost 7am here in the Czech and Im bleary eyed after tearing down another stage with 3P. J-Live was our special guest. I wont get ahead of myself because this all gets very dope, but I wanted to hit you with something before our car picks us up to head out to Prague, so... This is some footage shot leading up to J-Live's set (which I may or may not post in order...). Hip Hop Kemp was absolutely crazy (other then losing my camera, dont worry the Flip is in a effect, just means more video then pictures). So check it out and enjoy....For my facebook homies just click Straight Organics

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Get up Stand up Tour-first stop: Berlin


So the show is back on the road and this time, yes we are coming to you live via VIDEO!!! For my FACEBOOK Fresh Roots Music

Bare with me, this is the first attempt of stepping into the digital realm!!!!!!

Then later on.....

So there you have it. We have a two hour train ride tomorrow to Leipzeg and we rock later that night! Below is just a sample (a small one) of the Graff and beautiful city I saw on the first day. Peace!