Sunday, April 25, 2010

Where in the World is Gun part 1

Peace and blessings everyone. So much has been going on since last I touched down to harvest Straight Organics. First and foremost please take a moment for a pioneer and legend, Guru who recently passed onto the next life this past week. The group he founded, Gangstarr was truly one of my earliest and strongest influences. The very philosophy I adopted for dealings with the business side of our art come straight from his lips….”I would just give a muthafucka a pound, a compliment then told’em my name and I was out, peace”

Its been a busy 2010 for us, but in very different ways. The youth have taken the priority over all things, but also furthering the journey to bring Hip Hop globally and full circle. Ironically, 2009 was about experiencing the word physically, and now those experiences are slowly bearing fruit. This past week, Rabbi Darkside, Zajazza, and myself released the Skillz to take Brazil album. It is finally here, and I will be hitting many of you directly, and personally to make sure I can get you a little piece of Brazil (Brooklyn style).

This undertaking has come at a time during depressed economic times, and an industry culture in flux. Because of this, as a crew we decided to do something that we feel is putting ourselves squarely inside a new paradigm. We will be offering the album online and also directly through our own hands as a “pay as you want” option. We still believe that as in the past, quality art and music will be supported financially. However, we also recognize with new technologies, the realities of so many choices, many free and how its shaped people’s perceptions, giving those of you who have supported us for so long the option only made sense. Please look out for further information on how and where you can receive the physical album cd directly from me (we will still be using traditionally digital media circles, such as itunes).

There has been much more then Brazil though. In the coming months you will be able to get for Free the first in a series of mini projects I’ve been working on leading up to my next solo release….The first of this series is “Where in the World is Gun?” A collection of collaborations I’ve done with various international producers. But even before that!?!? Please check these international mixtapes that feature some of the most talented, conscious hip hop artists from all over the globe, including myself. Shouts to Nomadic Wax!

The first in a series of innovative mixtapes, Internationally Known: Volume 1 is proof thatHip-Hop is global. Artists from more than thirty nations were brought together to form a comprehensive album that represents the vast landscape of Hip-Hop culture. Artists on the mixtape rap in English as well as their native languages, sparking a climate of cultural exchange.

Conceived by Dumi RIGHT of pH MUSIC and Magee McIlvaine of Nomadic Wax and Magee Films, and mixed by Italy's DJ Nio, Internationally Known gathers material from some of the best Hip-Hop artists across the globe, in order to showcase the underground talent that has formed the foundation for global Hip-Hop. Some of the artists include Zero Plastica (Italy/Nigeria/Jamaica), Alfaress (Morocco), Wagëblë (Senegal), OBC (Burkina Faso) and Hired Gun (Brooklyn, NY).

Nomadic Wax crests new heights with the highly anticipated release of their international mixtape project Diaspora.

Created as en effort to expose the world to global hip-hop and urban culture and facilitate cross cultural exchanges amongst international artists, the Diaspora project features a diverse vein of some of the world’s most talented MC’s, vocalists, DJ’s and producers. The mixtape will showcase urban music from around the globe, but with a twist. Each volume of the series will highlight a different producer from around the world, and a host emcees who donate 16 bars to the project.

Mixed by Philippino American DJ Boo of the Juggaknots, and produced by Benny Beats of the U.S., Volume 1 features upcoming talent from Africa, Europe, North America, and Latin America, each spitting a conscious 16 bars that showcase where they are from and what they represent.

“Its easy to think of how different we are to others in the world,” said DJ Boo. “One thing that I’ve learned is that, language aside, many of our stories are more similar than different. Nomadic Wax’s Diaspora mixtape uses one of the most accessible mediums to capture that – music. Hip-hop music.”

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