Sunday, August 23, 2009

Get Up Stand Up Tour Stop: Leipzeg (The Taxi, The Rider)

So its been a crazy four days, I will break down more of it in blogs once I reach Prague. It is almost 7am here in the Czech and Im bleary eyed after tearing down another stage with 3P. J-Live was our special guest. I wont get ahead of myself because this all gets very dope, but I wanted to hit you with something before our car picks us up to head out to Prague, so... This is some footage shot leading up to J-Live's set (which I may or may not post in order...). Hip Hop Kemp was absolutely crazy (other then losing my camera, dont worry the Flip is in a effect, just means more video then pictures). So check it out and enjoy....For my facebook homies just click Straight Organics

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Moira said...

lovin' the video blogs! keep them coming!!