Wednesday, December 10, 2008

The Gift...(winter post of the who's what's where's)

Inside this blast:

+Video Resurrects the Hip Hop Star december 18th

+Hired Gun featured on two Hip Hop compilations!!

+Video spotlight-Eagle Nebula's Napp Rocks

+Hired Gun weighs in on Women in Hip Hop at Polymag

+Vote for me for URB Magazine's Next 1000


We are in the holiday season (whatever that means to you and yours...),that means its a time of reflection with family and friends. Hopefully, your Thanksgiving (if you celebrate it) was bountiful, and you didn't get the itis too bad. As usual I'm here to only give you the straight organics. We have a little something for everyone in this blast. For my New York People's its been a minute and we want to celebrate. Thanks to everyone who watched the “Dead City”.
Please pass it along to anyone who hasn't. On December 18th the video will resurrect the Hip Hop star. Myself, Jake Lefco and Core Rhythm will show our latest videos for FREE, in the L.E.S.. Show starts at 9pm at Rehab, 25 Ave B between 2nd and 3rd street. DJ MilkMoney on the decks, with a guest appearance by Farbeon.If you are not in NY, you can still check out the video by clicking here Dead City.

I've recently been blessed to be a part of two amazing compilations, A Piece of Knowledge Mixtape and ”The Evolution of Hip Hop”.A Piece of Knowledge is one of the greatest collaborations of independent conscious music in recent memory. Some leading artists a part of this project include New York's Final Outlaw, QN5's Substantial, and Chicago's Poetree. I'm featured on Disc 2 of the double disc album with a song from my upcoming project “The Customer Service EP”; “Life”produced by Zaquan (the man behind ”Dedication” and ”Maintain” on ”The People's Verses”).

Up and coming British Hip Hop blog Hip Hop Informant recently put together a disc for charity, The Evolution of Hip Hop. The mixtape has some of the hottest names in independent hip hop, including New York's Donny Goines. I'm proud to announce Arrest the President is on the disc, and I'm also featured on Donny Goine's “Do it for Hip Hop remix” which got love from and has heavyweights such as Dame Grease, Donny Goines, Mickey Factz, as well as myself killing the track. You can download the “A piece of Knowledge” mixtape in two separate parts (the file with Disc 2 has the cover and tracklisting included as well my song “Life”) here:

To get a copy of The Evolution of Hip Hopemail the HipHopInformant at and ask for details! Again the proceeds will be going to charity.

Didn't I tell you that, Eagle Nebula is dope? Well, if you didn't run out to get Cosmic Headphones for that special person in your life for the holidays, I have her video Napp Rocks so you can see for yourself:

Here is the link toYouTube if the built in player doesn't show.

Finally thanks to Sarah Gardiner and Poly Mag for speaking with me on the topic of Women in Hip Hop. Sarah investigates the status of women in the culture, and does a great job of highlighting a rising star as well, Eternia (E is one of the homies, check for her). A great read, a serious topic, and I was privileged to be asked to be a part of the discussion. Read the whole article here:

    Here is what you have to do: click this link-->URB Next 1000:Hired Gun. Then register yourself at the URB site (no joke, it takes 30 seconds, and you dont have to put in anything anymore revealing then your email address, they do not spam you..I did it myself) rate my song (underneath my picture and the title, their are five stars, click on that after registering) and leave a comment (a good one obviously). That's it, easy...tell your friends, send them the link, help me show the people what dope INDEPENDENT HIP HOP IS!

    And if you're so inclined pick up the album that URB,Hip Hop informant,Both Sides of the Surface and fans from Cali to The Czech have been raving about....

    HIRED GUN: Fresh Roots Music Presents: The People's Verses

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